Friday, October 23, 2015

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

            First of all, Morgan Matson is sweet and amazing. One thing I hadn't known before I picked this book up was that the main character's name is Emily. Awesome right?!?! Well when I met Morgan she asked me what my name was. I said Emily because my name and she proclaimed, "I LOVE THAT NAME!!" Which I could've guessed because my name is the character.

             So that's Morgan!

Rate: 5/5 Stars
            Since You've Been Gone- Sloane has gone missing, but she left Emily a list of thirteen things to do. These thirteen things are things that Emily would never think of doing. She could not have completed the list alone. Never would she have thought that with the help of Frank, she would finally finish a list that Sloane gave her.
            The beginning is a little slow, but that does not stop this book from blowing me away. Emily becomes friends with Frank, but not because she really wanted to. She kept running into Frank and his friend Collins. He helps her when she almost gets herself arrested for theft and he arranges for her to get some of the items on her list crossed off. They have a fun relationship, I think. He wants her help to learn how to run. Basically he wants to get fit and she is just the person to do it. They show each other different types of music. They make each other better people.
            Frank is at the top of his class. He goes to Princeton every summer except this summer. His girlfriend goes to Princeton without him and so he finds himself with a summer job instead.
            Can he help Emily complete the list Sloane gave her? Will they find Sloane? Will this also be one of your favorite books like it is mine? All you have to do is pick up this book and read it. Don't stop reading once you start it. You won't regret it!

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