Monday, March 16, 2015

Where She Went by Gayle Formen

           The sequel to If I Stay... Where She Went
            If you have not read If I Stay please read it. The movie is good, but it really over plays the romance portion. I it is a young adult romance, but I think that FAMILY is the most important and main topic of it. Don't get me wrong, Adam is really important to Mia, but her family was the most important thing to her. If you want some good old romance Where She Went is even better than If I Stay in that aspect. Personally I like If I Stay. The balance between the romance and the rest of the book is perfect for me.
            Now lets talk solely about Where She Went. I recommend others read it. I think that it was worth reading and I have a book hangover now, but I did not like Adam's character very much in it though. He felt whiny and like he was dependent on Mia. I know that this is truly how some people are, but I felt like he could have done something about it. He was writing to Mia, but he should have made a decision to make his situation better. I think he could have fixed his situation better had he continued his life and really tried harder. Why would you basically give up on your life? I wouldn't, yet I am not a character in the book, so I couldn't make the decision for him. Overall though it was fantastic. Adam didn't bother me too much and I still ship Mia and Adam with my life. I would have preferred it if it had come from Mia's point of view because Mia has a more developed character than Adam. Gayle did a fantastic job and I hope you read it tell me what you thought about it. Show me your inner fangirl! 
            I would probably rate it a 6 or 7 out of 10. If I Stay was definitely better. I am looking forward to reading other things write by Gayle Formen and hope you decide to join me.
"You don't share me. You own me." -Where She Went (Adam)

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