Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

             To all the fangirls of anything,

READ THIS BOOK. This is the ultimate fangirl book. It's about a fangirl. Not just any fangirl. Cath is THE fangirl. She writes fanfiction with over 20,000 hits a day/ post. Anywho, fangirl is about Cath's first year at college. We get to take a peak into the life of the ultimate fangirl. Who she loves, what she likes, what she dislikes, and how she deals with things. Everyone deals with things differently. I am a fangirl, but I lead a different life than Cath. We have different situations and there is not one things that I absolutely love.
             I suggest this book to everyone. This is an AMAZING book! Granted this book may not be for everybody, but it is for  people who read The Fault in Our Stars or anything by Sarah Dessen. Things by Stephanie Perkins. However amazing I think this book is, it is NOT for young children. I would recommend this book for people 13 -14 and older. You can get the book HERE at the Book depository website. Please check out the book and add this book to your shelves.

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