Monday, June 29, 2015

Reejecttion by Daniel Clausen

            I have not finished this short story yet, but it is very interesting. I think that this was a self published book, which I don't normally read self published books, but  I decided to give this one a try. I highly enjoy his writing style. It sounds like he is talking to the read. The conversation tone, I would say, takes the cake. I haven't read many things with conversational tones and have that last quite a bit of what I have read. I love it.
            Reejecttion is about rejection. There are some parts of this book that I am not fond of. For example, in parts where he is reviewing a book that I haven't read I can't relate to that part. I don't have any connection for that part of that book.
           Would I suggest this book from the half of the book that I have already read? 
           I would recommend that you read Reejecttion. I would recommend that if you an aspiring writer to read this, but honestly everyone faces rejection, so this would benefit anyone. 
            Please note that this author has many free works that you can find. I found him on Library Thing. You can create an account and look him up there. He is also on goodreads. Please check him out!

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