Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Book Haul

            I got my book mail today from the Book Outlet! I am so excited to read the books that I got! This is the first time I have ordered from the Book Outlet and I love everything I got. BUT I just realized that one of the books that I got was a sequel to another book! So without further a due here are the books that I got:

             Psi Another Day by D. R. Rosensteel
I don't actually know what this book is about, but I do know that it is a book about spies. I read I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill you by Ally Carter and I liked that, so I am excited to read this one. Spies are cool.
            L. A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
It's about some girls who get to be on a TV show. That's all I know about it, but the cover is beautiful. It's simple, but it has a bunch of candy hearts. Most of them are white, but there is one that stands out and it is pink. So a pretty and an interesting sounding story= a new book for me! (This is why I don't get to go to book stores very often. I have to use lots of SELF CONTROL not to buy the entire book store.)
            The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle
 This is very similar to If I Stay by Gayle Foreman. I LOVE If I Stay and now I can't wait to read The Beinning of After. There are some major differences. By reading the back cover I know 1. That the main character, Laurel, doesn't have a boyfriend. 2. There is a boy in her life, but it's not one she likes and 3. She grows apart from her best friend. Again I am so excited to read this!!!
            Sass and Serendipity by Jennifer Ziegler
This story is about two sisters who are nothing alike. I don't know much about this book, but on the front of the cover it states, "This fun and fresh retelling will leave you cheering, swooning, and hugging your sister." I have three and I don't go out of my way to hug them. Maybe this cute title and (hopefully) amazing book will change my ways.
            Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier
This is the final book in the Ruby Red trilogy. I knew when I got this that it was the third book in the Ruby Red series, but I've heard great things about this trilogy and it was super cheap. Now I just have to pick up the first two.
              Heart of Glass by Sasha Gould
I did not know that this was a sequel to Cross my Heart. I don't remember seeing that this was a sequel, but now I have to go get the second one. It sounded sooooooo good. And NOW I can't read it till I get the first book.

              This was June book haul and I can't wait for more months full of books!  I am really excited!!!
What books are you reading?
 What books did you score in the month of June?

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