Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Bigreadsreadathon

            The bigreadsreadathon has been hosted by an account of instagram named manyfandomfaces. This readathon is 7 days long. it started July 5 at 11:59P.M. and it will end july 12 at 11;59 P.M. Everyone picked four books that they will try and get through by the end of the readathon.
            The four categories with one book from each one are:
1. Favorite contemporary
2. A book with red on the cover
3. A book with pictures in it
4. A book by your favorite author

           When I started this readathon I was already in the middle of another book. That book is Dorothy Must Die by Danielle paige. After I finished that book I moved onto the books I picked out for the readathon. The books I picked are:
1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (DONE)
            I have soo many favorite contemporary reads that this was difficult, but I highly enjoyed Anna and Stephanie writes amazing books. Contemporary books are hard to choose from because I have read a lot of them so far this year and I think they may just be favorites of all time.
2. A Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan (CURRENTLY READING)
            I actually have this an ARC. I got the ARC at the RT book convention. I got it less than a month before it came out, but since I had been busy with school, I hadn't been able to read it. Daughter of Deep Silence is about a girl name Frances that is on a cruise ship that gets attacked.We follow Frances on her journey to expose the truth and get her revenge! Sounds great to me.
3. Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult
             The copy of this book I have is actually a copy I borrowed from my friend. I started it about a year ago, but since I got side track from it, I figured this would be the best time to read it. Plus it has pictures and a girl who talks to fictional characters and they respond! That would be awesome if that happened to me.
4. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
            I don't think Sarah Dessen is my favorite author, but I love what I've read from her so far. She writes contemporary romance and what she writes is very similar to Stephanie Perkins. As I said I love contemporary, so it was like love at first sight.

             These are my books! Join a readathon. There are lots going on all the time. The booktube readathon starts in a month from tomorrow!

Happy Reading

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