Monday, July 20, 2015

Paper books or ebooks?

Do you prefer paper/hardback books or do you prefer ebooks? I can see how anyone could go either way, but personally I like paper and hardpack better just because I feel like it's more personal. Here's my list of pro's and con's of both of them:

Paper/Hardback Books-


  • You can keep whatever you want between the pages
  • The author can sign this
  • Personal
  • Personalized by you and again the author
  • You can mark special pages however you want
  • You can share with your friends
  • It is heavier than an Ebook
  • It doesn't automatically keep your place
  • Can you think of anymore?
  • Takes up more space than the ebook


  • It can carry multiple books at a time
  • It's light for how many books it can carry around
  • You can highlight and quickly find what you are specifically looking for. (a quote, a chapter, etc.)
  • Can be used for more than just reading. (Meaning all types of bookish things!)
  • Automatically makes your place
  • Takes up less space
  • Can't be personalized
  • Can't be signed by the author
  • Does it go on your bookshelf? NO!
  • You have to mark the pages a specific way.
  • You can't share with your friends

It's a pretty close call on which is better, but I think physical books have won me over? Let me know in the comments which you prefer?

A physical book or an ebook?

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