Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

            Hi there again! So I decided, over the past little while because I've been thinking about some things and I haven't taken my reading up as much as I want to, that I am going to be reading more books. I also decided that because it will keep YOU updated on the awesome books in the world that you may not have found yet!
            Switching back to Ender's Game, I thought that even though it was not meant to be realistic, it was kind of hard for me to imagine. I mean SIX-YEAR-OLDS being a punching bag for their TEN-YEAR-OLD brother? Wow! Also space. We are in space and I know it is black out there, but imagining how the stars looked and planets that they might have been by is enough to give someone a headache.
            Overall, I really liked this book. It had enough violence and isolation for me. It also included some awesome heart squeezing moments that ensured that they had not completely broken Ender. I like to think I would have been Anderson wanting to not push Ender so hard. Don't break the kid, Graff! All of those kids there were so young, yet they were smarter than me by A LOT! I know we are told how Ender copes with all this stress, but I can imagine that it was one of the hardest things that he ever had to do.
              So I woud definately recommend this book to everyone reading this. If you haven't already read it yet. If your a mom, I would encourage you to suggest this book to your teenagers and preteens. Such a great book and it makes me realize that I take for granted a loving family. I take for granted not having to participate in a war or not having to fight people bigger than me. I know I would lose. I can't hurt another person like that.
            Please read and let me know how awesome you think it is or if this helped at all.
"I'm not going for you."-Ender 

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