Monday, February 2, 2015

The Queen by Kiera Cass

           This is a novella from Kiera Cass to explain how Queen Amberly, AKA Maxon's mom, ended up with King Clarkson, Maxon's dad. If you refer to my first post over the selection, then you will know how I love it and maybe how much I hate King Clarkson. I mean how could he be the worst father that ever lived. Maybe he didn't kill Maxon or banish him from Illea, but he beat him. What kind of a person does that make him. But Maxon and America made the best of it. In fact America recognizes that, "The best people all have some kind of scar." (From The One).
            My friend happened to read it before I did so I was able to hear what she thought about The Queen first. She said that she did not like it because it made her dislike the king more. I disagree with  that statement. In my opinion, in made me not like the king more, but I came to a realization. We did not know King Clarkson the way Amberly did. She knew what he was like. She KNEW that he came from a troubled home and although he was Prince, it did not make him anymore special than she was. We misunderstood Clarkson. He came from a home where people showed their emotions physically. If they were mad, they would break something or slap the other person,
            One thing I think that made me have a little respect for Clarkson was that he had respect for Amberly. I mean from the whole selection series I have no respect for him unless it regards Amberly.
            Also, it gave more insight to Amberly as well. Amberly tried hard not to let anyone know she was sick. Everyone knows the south is polluted. Not your everyday polluted either. It kills and makes people sick for life. She wanted to be like everyone. Only she couldn't because she was sick and such an AWESOME person.
           If you remember anything from this, you should remember that you shouldn't judge a book from its cover or from what others can see. I think the majority of the population of us did that immediately and we just needed a deeper look inside someone to understand them.
"I'm desperate for peace. I think you might be my only chance I have at that." -The Queen

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