Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

            When Jeremy cheats on Mallory, she is heartbroken. How could he do such a thing? And with an ONLINE girlfriend!!!  So when Mallory comes across a list made by her grandmother in 1962, she knew she wanted to complete this list. It would take her back in time to when life was easier for teenagers. The only problem is that it may not have been easier.
            No cellphone! No laptop! She must socialize face to face with her friends. Could it have been any harder? The list has FIVE goals:
   1. Run for pop-squad secretary
   2. Host a fancy dinner party/soiree
   3. Find a steady
   4. Do something dangerous and
   5. Sew a homecoming dress
            But there are some problems along the way. For instance, there is NO pep squad currently at her school, so now she has to create one. Then, she needs to find out what kind of food people ate back then. No computer remember! Next, a steady. She just got out of a relationship. How is she going to make that happen? Something dangerous to hurt herself? Wow! What is she going to do? And last, but not least, she has absolutely no sewing skills at all. Luckily grandma may come to the rescue.
            I think that "Going Vintage" is definitely an eye opener. Today we use so much technology that we take it for granted. Why are we taking it for granted? Can we go more than 24 hours without touching our phone, laptop or some other technological device? It may be more readily available, but that doesn't mean that we should waste our time doing meaningless things. People used to be more social and with the help of the world today, we are isolating ourselves.
             If you like books written by Sarah Dessen or authors similar, you will absolutely love this book! Don't miss the chance to join Mallory on her way to finish her list. Also, remember to get ready for 1962!
"Now I have no contact with the outside world." - Going Vintage

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